About Us

RimPro-Tec is the worldwide leader of rim protection products.  Our products come in numerous colors to match or complement your vehicle.  Do not let your car be de-valued with scuffed, scratched or damaged wheels.  Protect them with RimPro-Tec!

RimPro-Tec was established in 2007 in New Zealand by Deborah and Christopher Chester and has grown into an international company with a presence in dozens of countries. Our customers see great potential for growth in the custom wheel and rim protection market that they reached out to RimPro-Tec  so they can offer our unique products to all their customers.

The story behind how innovative wheel styling and protection system RimPro-Tec came to be is an interesting one, and one that needs to be heard to be believed.

An Important Dream

It all started with Taranaki resident Deborah Chester having a dream about her house being damaged by a tornado in early 2007.

Whilst it sounds like an odd dream to have, many of you may remember the tornados that hit the region in July of that year, just weeks after Deborah had dreamed about it happening. Deborah’s dream unfortunately ended up coming true, one of the houses to receive the most damage from the tornados belonged to her, and husband Chris. Thanks to the dream, she knew exactly what was about to happen and quickly grabbed her children and took shelter at the back of the house.

The very spot they sat terrified, was the only part of the house not to be damaged.After the Chester family picked themselves up and moved to another house, it was Chris that had a dream, it was a dream to protect wheels form kerb damage and this dream was the start of a very long road ahead. After knowing full well her tornado dream had come true, Deborah  knew that this was an opportunity not to be missed.


RimPro-Tec was born and all the hard work was about to start, they not only wanted a product that protected alloy wheels, it also had to look stylish whilst doing so. Obviously the process from dreaming of a product to selling it internationally is a major process, and it’s one that took the next six years of hard work to turn into reality, working 17 hour days to make the dream come true, and the product world class.

The RimPro-Tec design process went through many different incarnations, however the concept remained the same.  After years of research, development and testing different prototypes.

We finally had the answer!


RimPro-Tec was finally launched and has been very well received around the world, establishing itself as a great addition to any alloy wheel, and the market leader in alloy wheel personalization and protection.

RimPro-Tec has since gone on to win a number of awards from around the world.


Bringing four global media awards home to New Zealand from a panel of international media judges at the SEMA show in Vegas for best new Automotive products to entre the market.

RimPro-Tec also won Best New Automotive Product at the NZ Aftermarket Industry Awards In New Zealand.

Deborah is now manufacturing the Invention in New Zealand, and the USA, and will be setting up manufacture in Europe later this year.

RimPro-Tec has over 100 Patents and Trade Marks Issued and Pending Worldwide.

RimPro-Tec have Distributors and Licensees in place in a number of countries :

New Zealand, Australia, North America, Canada, India, France, Malaysia, UK, Ireland and Korea with many more coming into play this year.

Korea is one of our more recent signed up countries with TV slots on the bunker automotive show.

RimPro-Tec has certainly changed Deborah and Chris’s life, the couple are now in the process of setting up a foundation to help underprivileged families and kids on the streets.