BMW M model


Wether you are looking for a new or used BMW M Sport you will always need to protect your wheels now you can protect your wheels and style them at the same time with our RimPro-Tec system.

The car looks great now the wheels can to .

The car looks great now the wheels can to .

BMW: Brisbane BMW Australia , Managing Director, Martin Roller,

Says “We are excited with our association with RimPro-Tec. It’s a great product with a compelling business case and we are delighted with the result”.

Product champion, Anthony Alafaci, General Manager, after sales endorses Martins comments, and adds;

“It’s an easy sell for us and fits well in to our aftermarket portfolio. Our prestige vehicle customers really “get” the obvious product benefits about RimPro-Tec with most choosing the discrete options, but many add their own colour styling to enhance there cars appearance”.