RimPro-Tec asked the question to a number of people and this was the reply.

How much does curb rash bother you ?

Here is some of the answers we have received .

1. I try to Avoid it as much as Possible but it can’t be helped ( USA )

2. I just have to live with it. It’s one of these things  (NZ)

3. Never have I received curbed rash to my wheel,if I did it would bother me like mad. (USA)

4. It really upsets me when I go to sell them and the curb rash has caused me to loose a lot of money. (UK)

   (Worse still it cost at least the same amount of money to have the repaired.)

5. When people buy new cars it bothers them to the point they go and get them fixed and spend a lot of money getting them fix (Korea)

6. I try and keep away from curbs, but it really bothers me when it does happen (Australia)

Now thanks to RimPro-Tec the people above don’t have to worry anymore .

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