A big thankyou from a customer for saving his wheel from his daughters driving.

RimPro-Tec wheel bands really work.

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It had to happen! My daughter hit the curb going through the drive through, and the RimPro-Tec wheel bands are now tested! The results are, they work. The wheel band had to be replaced on the front left wheel, but the wheel was not damaged. And the kit comes with enough to cover 5 wheels, so I already had a spare.


You definitely need some Adhesive remover to clean up the wheel after pulling off the track. The foam tape holding the track to the wheel did not come unstuck, but instead the foam in between the adhesive layers was broken. That’s why the track had to come off and be replaced.

I went ahead an ordered another set of wheel bands so I am ready for the next one. At $20/wheel and some elbow grease, it’s a lot better than dealing with a wheel refinishing service.

 EDITOR’S NOTE:  Since January 1, 2015 all Wheel Bands have shipped with an improved adhesive foam tape which does not leave a hard to clean off residue on clear coat and painted alloy wheels.