RimPro-Tec System Complete Set

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Choose which RimPro-Tec System best suits your rims and then why not add a different colour inner from the full range below to make your rims stand out from your mates, or suit the occasion or mood.

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Product Description

The RimPro-Tec System has been designed to combat every car owners nightmare – scuffed and Kerb-rashed -alloy Wheels. Our system is has a sophisticated design and has been developed with form and function as top priority. The RimPro-Tec System is a specially developed formed extrusion that is made up of a base and inner, RimPro-Tec is the only product on the market with NO weak joint points, as the joint is staggered from the base to the inner. RimPro-Tec has been in development for several years and has proven itself time and time again.
It is the market leader within this segment.

The complete system is available in a silver base with a silver inner and also in black base with a black inner, this way you are able to be discreet and in many cases you can not even see the product is on the wheels. If you do want some colour then we supply 11 different coloured inners that will allow you to have a pinstripe around your wheels, these colours include Red, Navy- Blue, Light- Blue, Yellow, Dark- Green, Lime- Green, White, Orange,Pink,Purple the choice is yours and they look fantastic.

The RimPro-Tec System been designed to be able to fit most wheel styles and has a universal fitment of 12” to 22” and if your wheels are bigger or you would like a non-standard colour we have the ability to make special order sizes and colors up to a 34″ wheel.

Each RimPro-Tec System comes complete with a full set of either

  • 4 x inners + 4 x outers
  • Fitting tool
  • 4 x Preparation Wipes
  • Installation instructions.

Choose which RimPro-Tec System best suits your rims, and then why not add a different colour inner from the full range below to make your rims stand out.


Note: Please cut 5mm off each end of the RimPro-Tec base before installing.

  • >Wash wheels, allow to dry and have all required parts and tools ready. (cutters or knife not included).
  • >Use RimPro-Tec wipe (4 wipes supplied in one pack x1 per wheel) to remove any residue or contaminants that may remain on the wheel rim.
  • >Choose the location on the wheel rim that the RimPro-Tec base will adhere to, making sure the entire surface of the rim is completely undamaged for the adhesive tape to be applied to.
  • >Gently place one end of the RimPro-Tec base onto the desired part of the wheel rim making sure to hold the rest of the RimPro-Tec base away from the wheel to avoid accidental adhesion.
  • >Carefully peel off backing from the tape in 1/4 sections at a time whilst applying to the wheel. (making sure you do not handle the tape as this could potentially reduce the adhesion).
  • >Follow the wheel contour whilst pressing the RimPro-Tec base firmly in place to complete the circle.
  • >Carefully mark the RimPro-Tec base and cut to desired wheel size ensuring both ends are flush together, NO GAPS, discard any excess RimPro-Tec base when finished.
  • >Press the RimPro-Tec base on the wheel FIRMLY with the fitting tool, making sure the RimPro-Tec base is well fixed to the wheel.
  • >Insert the RimPro-Tec Pinstripe™ (Inner) into the RimPro-Tec base, cut to desired length, making sure the Pinstripe™ (Inner) join is at opposite ends to the RimPro-Tec base join.
  • >Push the completed RimPro-Tec System on to the wheel rim FIRMLY with fitting tool to achieve maximum adhesion. Allow up to 72 hours for full adhesion. Vehicle can be driven immediately once all RimPro-Tec Systems are fully installed. Do not wash wheels for 72 hours once fitted to allow full adhesion.
Debbie and Chris came to me about three years ago with the RimPro-Tec concept and prototype. At that time I had a good feeling that they were really onto something as we have all kerbed wheels at some time or another, after having spent 40 plus years in the Automotive Industry I have seen countless amounts of damaged wheels and repair costs and never have I seen an answer to that problem until now.

Well three years and a few prototypes later it is the finished article. We had them installed onto selected new cars, and it gave me peace of mind that we would not damage alloys, and we would save on repair costs at the time of presenting the vehicle for sale.

It is a great product and one that I will have on selected vehicles – RimPro-Tec really does solve the problem.

Well done to Debbie and Chris for persevering and also very importantly inventing this product here in New Zealand.

Trever Mitchell, Giltrap Group
“The system is easy to install and is well-priced in the market,” he says.

Evan says the dealership has installed the system on all its loan vehicles. “They go out every day and are Brand New Cars, and they’re prone to a bit of kerbing”.

RimPro-Tec has saved us quite a bit of money within our dealership .

BMW Owners and Owners of high-performance cars with alloys worth $ Thousands of Dollars, RimPro-Tec is Really an economical way to save their rims.
We’re are also selling quite a few sets every month.

Evan Lorenzon, Jerry Clayton BMW
As a design company we get involved in a lot of new ventures with start-ups and entrepreneurs for branding, packaging and collateral rollout and RimPro-Tec (without any hesitation) has to be the best innovative product that will succeed within the marketplace globally I have been involved with for many years.

Since working with both Chris and Deborah Chester of RimPro-Tec from May 2009, we have seen first hand how this incredible, yet simple solution to reducing kerb damage to your wheels has evolved and grown as a product. Not only that, they look superb with coloured inners.

RimPro-Tec fitted to our cars, has proved a ‘life saver’ for the zero cost of repairing rims that have been kerbed.

Jamie Charman, Phluid Design


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