RimPro-Tec® will help you avoid curb damage in Parking and Maneuvering situations.

(80% of curb damage is caused while parking and maneuvering)



RimPro-Tec, Wheelbands stand about 1/4 inch (6 mm) proud off the rim surface. That’s 1/4 inch of tough plastic you have to grind through before getting to the soft surface of an aluminum alloy wheel – or a steel wheel. That’s enough material to have you realize you are on the curb before it’s too late.

You have time to react as soon as your wheel hits the curb.

The RimPro-Tec, Wheel Band color insert will become scratched up first. You can pop it out, flip it over and snap back in the fresh undamaged side. Everything good as new in seconds!

2) Taking a Big Hit/Scuffed up Insert Plus Damaged Attachment Tape

wheel-band-VHB5925-spring-back-memory-bulletinIn addition to roughing up the insert, occasionally the foam attachment tape can become damaged. In some cases the attachment tape stretches out some of its material and then snaps back into position with some retention of its hold strength. In other severe cases, the foam tape becomes completely loose from the rim surface.

If the broken section of tape is not more than 3 to 5 inches long You’re still good to go. You can even repair that section of the RimPro-Tec, WheelBand with left over product from your first installation as long as the inner is a complete unit and is staggering the joints of the base product.

The best way to think about the protection aspect of  RimPro-Tec, Wheel Bands is to consider alloy wheels like your skin – easily scratched when left totally unprotected. Putting RimPro-Tec,

Wheel Bands on are like wearing leather when riding a motorcycle. There will be cases where wearing them on your rims is not going to make a bit of difference in a mishap. Still, there will be plenty of cases where you’ll be glad you did put them on.

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Don't Curb Your Wheels With Out Them

Don’t Curb Your Wheels With Out Them