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Mag Wheel Protection

Mag Wheel Protection

The RimPro-Tec mounting track is fitted with a snap-in colour Inner of your choice, so When you hit the curb the inner will rotate within the base to distribute the energy of the impact away from your wheel rims.

Rim Protection

The mounting track and insert all act together and are designed in a way that there is no weak point giving our Patented RimPro-Tec product more strength then any other protection design on the market.

Alloy Wheel Protection

Mounting can be made to any wheel design with a minimum 6mm wide flat surface and free of major rim damage. RimPro-Tec offers a quick installation to your car wheels, with fitting only taking 20 to 30 minutes for a full set.

Prevent Curb Rash with RimPro-Tec

RimPro-Tec Complete System

Everything you need to install and protect your rims.  The kit includes: 4x inners, 4x outers, fitting tool and wipes.  Available in our shop.


Coloured Pinstripe Inners

Aesthetically pleasing rim addition to reduce kerb damage to your wheels available in either a colour to match your rims or suit your mood.


The RimPro-Tec Advantage

We believe we have the best product in the world to combat every motorist’s nightmare – scuffed and rashed, mag and alloy wheels, from hitting the curb, or kerb, and we are sure that our customers will be delighted at being able to purchase a quality product to protect their mags and alloys, which also enhances the look of their vehicle.

RimPro-Tec has been designed and developed as a two piece product this design effectively provides a seamless join that has no weak joint once the base and inner are clipped together.

RimPro-Tec retail kits fit 4 x Wheels from a size 12″ up to a size 22″. Designed for the inner to rotate within the base to distribute the energy of the impact away from your wheel when curbing take place.

Change out colours in seconds with ease, due to its unique clip-to-fit technology providing opportunity to change swap or even match the colour of your car.  The inners can simply be reversed again in seconds when damaged to one side has happened and re-used giving a fresh new look to the inner.

RimPro-Tec can be fitted to any wheel design with a minimum of a 6mm wide flat surface free from Major rim damage Fitting will only take 20 to 30 minutes for a full installation to all four car wheels.

The RimPro-Tec Advantage
  • Prevents curb rash
  • Interchangeable colors
  • Innovative & user friendly
  • Loved by thousands
After having spent 40 plus years in the Automotive Industry I have seen countless amounts of damaged wheels and repair costs and never have I seen an answer to that problem until now.
Trevor Mitchell, Giltrap Motors
They have saved my wheels on more than one occasion and look really great on my car. I had them fitted to test the new design and it works wonderfully. The best thing is they blend with my wheels so you don’t even notice them on the car. I would recommend everyone putting these on their car.
John Quigley
BMW Owners and Owners of high-performance cars with alloys worth $$$ Thousands of Dollars, RimPro-Tec is Really an economical way to save their rims.
Evan Lorenzon, Jerry Clayton BMW